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Grace Lee

In the movie, Grace Lee talks a lot about the Asian American stereotypes and even shows these women living the stereotypes. She even states that the Asian American women in the movie are the living stereotypes. I think Grace Lee starts to deconstruct the stereotypes towards the end of the movie when she shows that each Grace Lee has something unique (a freckle, a mole, a hobby, a certain type of personality, etc.) that helps them break away from the stereotype. The fimmaker finds this out by going on their life journey, asking questions and visiting each Grace Lee in their own surroundings. I think the filmmaker is saying that each Grace Lee may be linked because of their name and ethnicity, but deep down each of them has something that is unique, something no other Grace Lee has. Grace Lee, the filmmaker, brought home the idea that stereotypes can classify you but it is somebody's unique quality that sets them apart. This makes each individual who they are.