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GRace Lee

The film maker Grace Lee uses her name as the stereotype of Asian-American women. She hopes to deconstruct this stereotype and prove that not all Grace Lees or Asian-American women are the same. She constructed interviews and discovered that almost all Grace Lees were described as “nice, smart, and quiet.? Are all Asian-American women like this? Is everyone the same? Why? These are the questions that film maker Grace wanted to answer. She uses her road trip by traveling all over the United States and even Korea to meet and know Grace Lees around the world. Unlike Angela Shelton, Grace used the camera herself and rarely appeared on screen. Her main focus were the stories of the Grace Lees that she met. I liked that she acknowledged the fact that many Grace Lees were most likely not listed in her searches. She poses the questions of who those women were and why they weren't listed.

When Grace Lee goes to Korea, she meets a Grace that was a lesbian activist, but later asked to be removed from the film because she is no longer an activist and does not wish to hurt her family. The film maker is very upset by this, but asks a wonderful question, Why isn't she allowed to be flawed? I agree with this. Not everyone is perfect and while we may not agree with her choice to adhere to other's opinions of her. The Activist Grace is allowed to make her own decisions.

I think the most important idea of this movie is to individualize the Grace Lees rather than group them together like in Angela Shelton. You have to think of life in terms of things you do, not the name you have. I think this also applies to the names that you are given by society, not just the birth name. One is given a name to define race, gender, and religion. But it still isn't about the names you are given but what you do as a person that defines you.