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Grace Lee or Grace Lee

Grace Lee uses the digital road to connect and show simple differences from people. Allowing people to come to her through her website and submit information about themselves begins to set up the framework that Grace Lee uses. But the road only deconstructs stereotypes fully when the road makes it to the hard surface. As Grace Lee makes her way on the road, she does find stereotypes represented within the Grace Lee's. She finds traits like musical talent, quiet demeanor, and intelligence, but she uses these stereotypes to begin to dissolve the relationships between the Grace Lee's. She shows that although some of these societal tropes exist, they are seen purely because of the stereotype. Grace Lee moves past these stereotypes and finds that it is not hard to look past these surfaces. Like an actual road that has miles and miles of the same lines and dashes and colors, if you look closer there are many differences. Grace Lee merges the two roads to make an effective portray of the Grace Lee's of the world, whether they fit a mold or not.