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How powerful can a name be?

Grace Lee, Los Angeles film maker goes in a total direction than most of us would`ve expected and shares with the public new bounderies about Asian American women. When asked about how the perceive Asisan American women, the majority of people described them as: quiet, nice, shy, soft spoken... By doing this project, Grace Lee is showing the world that some of those stereotypes are not always true.

People that new at least one "Grace Lee'" would often say that they were very intelligent or smart, nice or quiet, energetic.. but the part that intrigued Grace Lee (film maker) is that none of those people kept in touch with those " Grace Lees" or knew what they`ve become. " How can all the Grace Lees be so impressive and so unforgetable at the same time?' Grace Lee, L.A.

Although we`ve seen a variety of "Grace Lees" being interviewed, we`ve noticed that almost all of them were very ambitious and active in their communities. There was activist Grace Lee, pastor wife Grace Lee, youth minister Grace Lee and so on.. It is also very amazing how 40 percent of the "Grace Lees" were named for a religious purpose; and a good other number was named after actress Grace Kelly who probably inspired the lives of their ( Grace Lees) mothers.

I guess all of those women`s stories helped Grace Lee of California know a little more about women who shared the exact name with her; but also to let Asian women define themselves. That is also what seperates her from Angela Shelton who was more focused on a same group of women who almost had the same past.