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Is saying “Grace Lee? really meaning Asian American?

In The Grace Lee Project Grace Lee was determined to set out and find differences among all the Grace Lees. She went from being the only Grace Lee to everybody she knows knowing another Grace Lee. Not only do they have similar names, it seems as though they are all copies of one another in one way or another. After hearing what other people had to say about the Grace Lee that they knew, she felt like she did not fit most of their descriptions. She wanted to do a road trip that searches for others that also do not fit in those descriptions. I felt in a way she was searching for a similarity within the differences. She was looking for Grace Lees that did not fit the stereotype descriptions (the difference) like her (the similarity). It did not matter what city or state she was in the way people described a Grace Lee were the same, the typical Asian American. The Grace Lee Project revealed to others that Grace Lees/Asian Americans are not all the same, the stories that were told were all over the spectrum. Just like any other ethnicity, when just looking at the surface they are all alike. The background stories are never identical. The Grace Lee reporter did not fit the shy, quiet stereotype. The Grace Lee that was an activist broke out of all “Grace Lee? boundaries. The Grace Lee that helped her friend out of an abusive marriage was nothing like the others. Then at the end when each Grace Lee described how they want to be remembered, none of them were the same. I felt that Grace Lee (the film maker) really did chip away the similar layers between Asian American women throughout her road trip. I think she took home the message that even though all Grace Lees shared the same name they did not all share the same life/fate.