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“Grace Lee? is not only a name but it acts, especially so in The Grace Lee Project, as an identity bound to many Asian American Women. In the film, everybody knew a Grace Lee, and they all carried the same ideas of what it means to be Grace Lee, even in the case of the more rebellious individuals carrying the name. Docile, quiet, intelligent.

The filmmaker Grace Lee was on a trip to discover what it means to be Grace Lee. She was determined to break a stereotype, or really to prove it wrong, to find that all Grace Lee’s are not the same. However, adverse to her intentions, Grace Lee found a strange dichotomy between stereotypes and truth. She found that while it certainly was true that all Grace Lee’s were not the same, she also found out that most Grace Lee’s shared similar characteristics that fed the stereotype.

While this discovery was not based solely on the name, Grace Lee made a connection between Asian Americans, first generation, and the reputations and personalities they acquire from that notion. That perhaps there is something to be said, the fact that many Asian American immigrants push their children to be successful because sacrifices have been made for their benefit that the characteristics of stereotypes exist.

When Grace Lee (filmmaker) interviews the other Grace Lee’s, she finds herself in awe at how much they seem to share, despite some drastic differences (i.e. Religion, sexual orientation, etc.). In the case of the

Asian-American lesbian activist living Asia, she was fierce and active in transcending the notion of docile individual by contrasting and fighting these ideas. However, she had an intense loyalty to her family, which in the end ended her activism and renounced her sexuality. This intense loyalty is a stereotype, but with truth? I think this is what Grace Lee discovers.