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The Grace Lee Project

Grace Lee does a great job at decomposing the stereotypes about Asian American women in her film. She uses the camera and real people in society that she meets name Grace Lee to show the difference in how different these Grace Lees can be and they are not just the basic stereotypes of Grace Lees being, “quiet, nice, intelligent, has violin or piano lessons, their parents are immigrants, etc.? When she interviews the Grace Lee she meets, she lets them tell their story of themselves. It lets the audience know a little bit about all the Grace Lee she has met, and she can follow that by telling the viewers that these amazing people with identical names are all different with similarities being a nice addition to being a Grace Lee. Grace Lee herself begins by questioning if all Grace Lees are the same. As the film went on to the end of her journey she has a greater understanding that there are similarities that all the Grace Lees have in common, but there are also differences in each one of them she meets and that they each have amazing stories each one has shared with her. She treasures them all.