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The Grace Lee's

The director of The Grace Lee Project tackles the question of "Are all of us alike?" She encounters several descriptions of Grace Lee's around the country, even the world, as "nice, smart, quiet..." I think this becomes more than a project about a name, it becomes a search of what it means to be an Asian American woman and what are the expections that follow that title. Although the director tackles a lot of self-issues, she also engages other Grace Lee's and represents their stories as well. I think that unlike the Searching For Angela Shelton documentary which searched for closure, The Grace Lee Project only ended on a note of knowing a little more about Asian American woman and how they are catogorized in society, and how the director herself felt about her own identity. There was no defined closure to the documentary, but Grace Lee showed that although Asian American women can fall into general categories (even a visual of what the "average" Grace Lee would look like), they are unique and all have different stories to tell. I thought this documentary did a much better job than Angela Shelton's of showing the viewer what these women truly meant to society, and what it meant to the director's own identity search.