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The strong and the brave

My definition of feminism is the fight for equality. Feminism has the fight for equality of sexes at the foresight of the battle. I believe that feminism at its core takes into the consideration of the equality for all, regardless of your sex, race, class, age, religion, sexuality, or ability. Feminism is concerned with social justice and all its pillars. Feminist activists understand the interconnectedness of oppression.

I believe that it depends on what eye you watch Thelma and Louise through. Thelma and Louise is a feminist film in my eyes because from the beginning Louise is determined to not let the men in her life hold her back. She sets the fire within Thelma and they take to the road. This interpretation job is not an easy one because of so many variable and views. Thelma and Louise despite their outlaw characteristics are portrayed at strong women, trying to break out of the mold. They do not want to follow the footsteps that so many of the women around them have already imprinted. The men in this movie are all in much more negative roles than the women. The women are taking control of their lives, despite the extreme actions and violent steps they take on their adventure. This is portrayed well in the last scene of the movie. When Thelma suggests that they do not get caught, they would rather fall to their deaths together than to let the police and their significant others have their way. These women are strong, witty, and brave. These are the type of women I look up to, though hopefully do not mimic through actions.

Because of the arguments I have made, I believe that Thelma and Louise does portray many aspects of true feminism. These women are fighting the daily oppressions they are feeling.