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What's in a name?

Grace Lee uses her personal road trip in a different way than Angela Shelton. The documentary does not set out to cover such huge social issues as child abuse, but a more personal issue, the directors personal identity about who she is in a sea of typical Asian American women. She is setting out to identify separate herself from the thousands of perfect mannered, high acieving Grace Lee's out in the world. What she finds is that while on paper people named Grace Lee may sound like the typical Asian-American women sterotype, nice, friendly, quite, piano playing, they each have their own individual personalites and viewpoints. Some are great African-American activists, some enjoy drawing bloody pictures, and some are religious. I think that what the director Grace Lee brought back with her from the making of this documentary was a better sense of self. She realized that the streotypes aren't as constricting as she thought that they would be. There is leway and some license to be yourself, and you can still be a considered an Asian-American woman. Even if you took forever to marry your boyfriend and still aren't sure if you want to have children. The name Grace Lee doesn't mean that you are a perfect, piano-playing Asian-American daughter, you are yourself, whether your name is Grace Lee or not.

The search for Asian American womanhood is a project animating The Grace Lee Project. How does Grace Lee use her road trip (both digital and hard surface) to deconstruct stereotypes about Asian American women? What is she saying about “Grace Lees�? What does she bring home from her road trip? Be specific.