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Powwow Highway

I really liked Powwow Highway eventhough it really played on this idea of identity politics and stereotypes. This was evident in both our main characters, Redbow and Filbert. They were both portrayed as the the two extreme types of Native Americans. Redbow in away denies identity by disbelieving in things like the native spirits and the tricksters. However, it is interesting because he is also the one protesting to save his native land from white coorporations eventhough he too has a whiteness about him by denying his tribal beliefs. Filbert, on the other hand, is extremely spiritual and wants to see all of the precious lands that were apart of his culture. He is more of the stereotypical Native American, and I feel that more people see the Natives as him rather than as Redbow. I think that both of these men were born into this identity as being spiritual and having a connection to the land but Redbow denies it while Filbert embraces it. Another interesting thing to look at in this film is the identity politics shown towards white people. The cops are all made out to be racist towards the Native Americans and they seem to have a "I'm better than you," attitude towards them. I thought it was interesting that a female cop brought Bonnie's kids to visit her in the prison cell and kicked them out after a minute as opposed to five because generally females are more companssionate and one would think that she would have sympathy towards her, but she does not. Another interesting character is Rabbit because she is the only white person who does have sympathy for Bonnie and the Native Americans, she even hits on Buddy Redbow. Overall, I thought it was a good movie but it does play on stereotypes and identity politics to an extreme.