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Will I find what I'm looking for on the open road?


Dear Jimmy,
I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye. The diner and Arkansas made me feel trapped, alone and unhappy, so I needed to escape to the open road, to think and feel free. More importantly, I needed to do something out of the ordinary, something different from my daily routine. The road has been a freeing and uplifting experience through life, death and rebirth. I never thought that the crisp, clean air of the dessert would make me feel so alive and free. The open road makes me forget about the past and what I have done. I forgot about my purpose on the road through the incident at the truck stop, but it also forced me to find myself and realize what it important and why I am on the road with Thelma. The two of us are having a great time getting wrapped up in our newly found freedom, but I have to ask myself if this is what we should be doing. Should two women run off, alone, to find something they don’t even know exists?
Love, Louise