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Boys on the Side

From the beginning of the movie, the viewers are curious as to how Jane and Robin are going to interact on this road trip, both in terms of race, and personality in general. They seem like they are two different binaries of women: black and white, formal and street-wise, straight and lesbian. Yet they find ways to bond and begin to grow close, even after Robin's surprise whe she finds out that Jane is a lesbian. The three women all seem very different, yet find ways to be there for each other and support each other, since none of them really have a place to go. Holly (accidently) killed her boyfriend, Robin is trying to find her way to be happy, and Jane is just trying to escape and be happy. The issue of race never seems to be more than just another aspect of a person. Jane even dates a Latina in their new hometown. They all seem to learn different things about themselves regarding their personal selves and sexuality. Towards the end of the film, it is apparent that Jane, Robin, and Holly are all connected as girlfriends, although not sexually, but spiritually. I also believe that, although she is straight, Robin develops deeper feelings for Jane that she hides behind until the very end.

This was a very powerful and emotional film, and although the majority wasn't spent on the road, it showed how a simple road journey can forever change people's lives.