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Boys on the Side

The amazing thing about the characters in Boys on the Side, and the way that the movie dealt with the controversial issues of interracial friendship and lesbian love, is that these things weren't the entire focus of the movie. Instead, the fact that this was two women falling in love, and that they were different races, was a small detail to the story. It was really focusing on love, and didn't emphasis that it was a non-normative love. There was so much more to these characters than their race or sexual orientation, so the audience doesn't just focus on these things. They see the women in a broader context, and views them as real people instead of the token lesbian or the white girl. They didn't deal with the issues of homophobia or racism because this movie was just about the women. They didn't care what other people thought about them, so the audience is left to focus on what the women are seeing instead of what society may be thinking of them.