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Cheyenne Spirit


I forgot what I was fighting for


My sacred spirit, I have spirit my whole adult life fighting for the Cheyenne people on my reservation only to realize that while doing so I have forgotten who I am and what I am fighting for. Being activists I have struggled with the white man in political realms to address social issues that leave my people left alienated and without opportunities to leave a fulfilling life with economic stability. I have become an angry person who lashes out against the oppressor and I become livid when my friend Filbert tells the stories of our ancestors. I am hesitant to dance at Pow Wows and almost never wear forms of traditional dress. On a journey that began out of hate ,I have found what I should be fighting for and I have Filbert and you to thank. Filbert connected me back to the land as we crossed the Great Plains and communicated with the spirits that remain where our people no longer are. You were there for my family when you saved Filbert in the car crash and I now understand that I am not just fighting for the equality of my people, I am fighting for my culture and all of the Cheyenne people that sacrificed their lives before me. I must remember the wisdom of my elders and continue to pass their knowledge to the young and keep my people alive spiritually, not just physically. I will continue to fight for my people, but will use spirituality and knowledge to educate others about whom the Cheyenne really are and why we deserve to be treated as equals.


Buddy Red Bow