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Dear Darryl


I worry I am becoming like you.

Dear Darryl,
I'm so grateful I got away. The truth is that I never should have put up with it as long as I did. Now Louise and I are on the road and I am finally free. I'm doing things now that I never could have done when I was stuck in that stupid kitchen. Even if they might be things I shouldn't have done. It feels great to get revenge on all the people who have ever done me or Louise or any woman wrong.

I worry though that we might not be as powerful as we think. Is this really the best way for women to express their newly found power? Is violence ever the answer? People seem pretty shocked when two women pull up to rob a conveinence store and shoot a man in a bar parking lot... but is that the best way to draw attention to women? Do we really want to take control of our lives the same way men do in movies? A part of me worries that I'm falling into a rabbit hole like the one I saw in you.

I have a few regrets. But they couldn't outweigh the thrills. Life is so exciting without you.