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I didn't enjoy Leaving Normal as much as other films we've watched this semester. I felt that the characters weren't very well developed, and Maryanne particularly bugged me. She didn't seem believable to me. Clearly she is a dreamer at heart, but I didn't feel any sense of understanding or reality in her character. Darly on the other hand was well played in my opinion. Her emotions felt real and i felt i could relate to her unlike Maryanne. The plot also seemed a little dull to me. Perhaps because after watching thrillers like Thelma and Louise and Set it Off there wasn't as much going on.

My favorite film that we watched this semester was Thelma and Louise. While it certainly could be judged/viewed as a male bashing film, it exerted a sense of female empowerment that made me walk away feeling satisfied and proud to be a woman. I love Susan Sarandon as an actress in general, therefore i was a slight bit partial to the film as well. It was a fun and interesting film to simply watch for surface value and entertainment, however i really enjoyed the analytical opportunities it offered as well.