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Final Film Critique

I really enjoyed watching

Leaving Normal.
Marianne's facial expressions were really distracting and kind of annoying, but once I got over that I liked the film. Marianne and Darli went on the road in search of somewhere better. They figured out that they were not heading for a destination. They found safety in each other. Once they realized that their companionship was more important than any guy they've had, they were able to quit travelling and make a home for themselves.

My favorite film this semester was

Boys on the Side
. I'm kind of a sucker for sappy movies. I thought this film had a great message and it is one I would actually watch again. Other than
Little Miss Sunshine
Boys on the Side
, I don't think I would watch any of the road films a second time. I think I like these two films best because they seemed to have a coherent story line. I like movies that seem to have a purpose. I don't like the aimless wandering.