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Forgive me Sis


To my dearest Sis

When I thought that the whole world has turned their back on me, it was you who was there for me. I know that mom and dad died when I was young, but I never felt their love missing. Because you were always there for me. You took the position of mom and dad to me. To me, you are my mom, you are my dad. No matter what trouble we went through, we have overcome it. I know that it was my dream, your dream and our dream for me to go to UCLA and get a degree. I know that I was your only hope in getting us out of this hood. The next thing that I am going to announce is going to be really hard for me to say as well as for you to hear it. Sis, I got rejected from UCLA. They didn't accept my application. I am sorry that because of me, You and we aren't able to accomplish our dreams. But, I promise that I will never stop trying. I will study harder. I will try to get a job and attend a technical college. And then, I will apply again to a technical college. I hope that we will get through this together. Because together we can come over this obstacle.

your loving lil brother