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Frank Ginsberg- Little Miss Sunshine


I wish I pushed down harder, longer, again

So I really don't know what to write on here. It was knid of unclear, so I'll just talk about this postcard. It would be made by Frank Ginsberg (the scholar who tried to kill himself in Little Miss Sunshine) and directed to his ex-boyfriend/student. I chose this because the look on his face when he saw this man again in the gas station was incredibly profounded and saddened, especially when he began talking about his new boyfriend. I think in the enitre movie Frank acted like he was happy to be alove and well, even though he wasn't a couple months before that. In this postcard I tried to imagine what he was thinking at the gas station and put it into words. I think that regarding that aspect of his life, he was ready to drop dead and die during the entire movie but he just didn't show it. This is what he is really thinking. He really did want to die because his emotional life, his love life, and his social life might now and forevermore be scarred. This is what he would send to his ex or maybe just send it out to anybody. Poor guy.