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Leaving Normal and My Favorite Film

I would have to say that I didn't particularly enjoy Leaving Normal. To me it seemed like the film just wasn't believable enough; I couldn't relate to the characters at all because their actions and the plot didn't seem possible. I felt like Darly and Marianne befriended each other too quickly and easily; maybe it would have made sense if they had been friends, and known each other, like Thelma and Louise, before heading out for Alaska. They're sudden pairing-up with each other seemed a little too convenient for me.

My favorite film of the class is probably Boys on the Side. I liked this film in largely because of the lead actresses, as well as the intriguing plot. It threw me for a loop when Mary-Louise Parker's character was revealed to have AIDS, which really made the plot interesting to me. I also felt that the film was very empowering for women and that that was a welcome thing to see in a film, especially as it had non-negative portrayals of lesbians.