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"I fear that I have failed you as a mother..."


I worry that you feel that I have not done my job as mother. Dwayne, I know that when your father and I got divorced that it tore you apart. I know that you feel that I stopped trying to keep our family together as one but I knew we could be happy and become stronger as mother and son once he was out of our lives. You try to appear so strong and you are truly an amazing you man but I wish that you would talk to me, open up to me. Although it is not the cool thing to do to have heart to hear talks with your mother being that you are reaching adulthood but I can listen and will never judge and always respect you. I am so proud of your quest to become a pilot and know that despite the challenges you might face in life that you have the perseverance to overcome. As for your relationship with Richard, I know he can be difficult at times and if he were to ever upset you I would hop that you could come to me and talk to me about your frustrations. You are my son first and foremost, the light of my life and I will always put you and Olive first you are my number one priority. Understand that I do love Richard and he is Olive's father and she cares for him deeply as well. Please try and respect him even though I know it may be challenging sometimes but all I ask is that you humor me and try. I love you Dwayne and am so proud of the young man that you are turning into, you have an amazing heart and a brillant mind and I know that life will take you far, I simply hope that I will always be able to be apart of it.