April 28, 2008

Straight's Rural Road

During his journey Straight thrives for and enjoys the simplicity of life, he is simply on a journey to become in touch with himself, to reconnect with the road. The road to him is familiarity he is not in search of becoming or finding himself but to be reunited with an old comfort of his. The rural road represent comfort for him. With age starting to creap up on him, his physical state starting to slowly deteriorate and his brother being ill he simply wants to once again connect himself with a road that once represented youth. When he stops off of the road in a town and talks with two young men he mentions to them the importance of youth and to be able to appreciate what they have. He uses the road to be one with himself but allows himself to engage with others along the way and express emotion unlike the lead female road in Vagabond who used the road in an attempt to escape past, focusing on not having emotional attachment to those that she comes into contact with.

His becoming represented once again becoming himself a man who spent time traveling and being rebellious and adventurous during his youth. When he tractor breaks go out and he is forced to spend the night at a couple's house they insist to help him reach his destination although he refuses. In order to once again be reconnected with his inner self, his youth he must complete the journey alone with as little help as possible. He knows that he still has strength of mind and heart and that will allow him to complete his journey in reaching his brother.

January 24, 2008

Blog Working

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