How Daniel uses Rebecca

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Laura Mulvey argues that there are three components to the gaze; the position of the spectator, the position of the camera, and the position of the characters on screen. Give an example of a moment in "Girl on a Motorcycle," when the gaze positions Rebecca as an object.

Rebecca is portrayed as a sex object throughout the movie. Her looks are what define her and her body is an object that men are free to look at and touch. Although she is the main character the movie revolves around Daniel, and Rebecca's journey to him. When Rebecca and Daniel are together their relationship is purely sexual. Daniel shows no emotional attachment to her, and it is clear that the relationship is purely physical. In one of her flashbacks, Rebecca runs to Daniel and throws herself across his lap. Daniel proceeds to seduce her as she lays motionless. When he speaks he says: " Your body is like a violin in a velvet case." Rebecca replies, "Skin me." In this scene, Rebecca is an object whose only purpose is to fulfill the sexual desires of Daniel. He compares her to a violin, which is an instrument used for enjoyment and entertainment. Rebecca accepts this and lets Daniel use her body for his own pleasure. Mulvey talks about women as sex objects and asserts, "She holds the look, and plays to and signifies male desire." Rebecca plays to his male desire by allowing him to use her body. Daniel exploits her body throughout the movie and is able to do so because she is strongly portrayed as a sex object.

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