One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

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How can the death of Rebecca in "Girl on a Motorcycle," and the deaths of Wyatt and Billy in "Easy Rider" be compared and contrasted? What do these deaths say about the genders of the characters?
By comparing and contrasting the death of Rebecca in "Girl on a Motorcycle," and the deaths of Wyatt and Billy in "Easy Rider" we can see that men are the subject of narratives and women are merely objects in narratives. All three deaths occurred on the road. This means that the road has a significant role to play in the narrative. They also happened while the character was in motion, which augments the dramatic part of the narrative. Rebecca's death was more cathartic than Wyatt and Billy's deaths. Her ending displays her as an object that has served its purpose and is being thrown out of the narrative. The uncertainty behind Wyatt and Billy's deaths continues to make them the subject of the narrative, even though their characters' story has ended. Wyatt and Billy were murdered, while Rebecca's death was an unfortunate accident. Spectators are left to wonder about the men who murdered them and what will happen to those men and to Wyatt and Billy's bodies. They still remain as a part of the narrative, but Rebecca is forgotten soon after her death. After Rebecca's death, the spectators are simply sympathetic towards her and shrug and say "that's too bad". Her story doesn't continue on. We also see close-ups of Rebecca's body being launched from her motorcycle and flying head first into a windshield. These character positions and camera angles establish who is doing the gazing for the film, a male. We can engender Rebecca to be a feminine because her death is so final, and Wyatt and Billy's death makes them more masculine because of the uncertainty that surrounds their deaths.

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