Road as the infinite linear progress

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What does the road mean in "Easy Rider"? How was this conveyed to you as a viewer?

Men are never satisfied. So they go on this journey, bumping into people and places, but always moving out of there as soon as they still grasp the meaning of the road - life always happens somewhere else. I'd say that the road also represents the killer of their freedom while many people seem to only tie the road to freedom. Yes, they are on their bikes, exploring new territories but also being rejected by the local culture and the discrimination of their appearance and values. Note that they are also killed on the road which they found so exciting, and the road is almost a narcissistic symbol of man ego that mixes with the stimulating visual landscape and the carefree music. I've noticed that along their journey, there are constant shots of American flags in every town they visit, the consistency of the road links all these images to one nation. Whereever they visit, you get the idea that it is in America. Why do you think the main character is referred as Captain America? I think he is a walking symbol that his traveling with other men on the road is a way of leading the beauty of the American landscape and also the problematic struggles of race, class and gender. Meanwhile, there are also shots where they build campfire and stay outdoor instead of dropping in a motel. I am convinced that the road also manifests that the wild west lifestyle should be maintained and it might be jeopardized by the invasion of growing cities, the manipulation of filth and the objectified women. Therefore, I see the road as a transitional link from America's past to its current age, which embraces freedom, but at the same time, has to deal with inequality and violence.

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