A Troublesome Relationship

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Group Two: Look up the lyrics to Rich James "Super Freak", the music played for Olives Miss Sunshine dance performance. How do these lyrics, Olive's dance, and Olive's affection for her grandfather configure a family romance subject to possibly unsettling interpretations? Do not repeat what students have written in prior log entries.

The lyric, "..she's never hard to please" can relate to Olive's unconditional love for her grandfather. Obviously, Rick James means to associate this verse with a sexual nature, but Olive sees her grandfather as a protector and someone she can rely on. In addition, Rick James refers to the subject of his song as a "girl." Olive is just that- a naive girl who puts her trust into her family members. Olive remains innocent and trusting, while her grandfather's actions and teachings make him seem somewhat demoralized. Olive's dance moves are sexually suggestive, but when a child performs those moves, it is less disturbing and rather funny. Each character understands the other and share a special bond; however, the grandfather's constant alone time and openly expressive sexuality is unnerving to the audience.

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