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In many ways "Little Miss Sunshine" is a commentary on the all-American white middle class family. Select one character in the Hoover family and discuss how this character's experience on the road trip adds to the mosaic critique of the American family in this film. Do not repeat what students have written in prior log entries.

All of the characters in "Little Miss Sunshine" add in their own ways a colorful critique of the American family. I've never seen this movie before and the opening scene where Olive is more or less mesmerized by the Miss America Pageant just made me think, "Oh great..that poor girl has been sucked in." Olive does an inspiring role in this movie as she does lose her Grampa and seemed to be closer to him than anyone else in the family. Some may have suspicious thoughts about his intentions, but really..the dance scene in my opinion isn't any worse than those other girls being paraded like cattle and made up to be "little women" as they walk across the stage. Olive is a quirky, bright and innocent child. Her grandfather did not have her made up like the other girls and I'm sure he already knew how they would stick out from the crowd. Maybe in regards to Olive's character that is what the message was to be. No, she is not "beauty pageant material" but her personality and self confidence(she holds her own quite well with such a bigoted & criticizing father)in finding the answers on her own show that she is quite the ray of sunshine within that American family.

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