dissociative masculinity

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In both "To Wong Foo" and "Priscilla," characters who have put roots down in one place are portrayed as being very static in their thoughts and their gender roles. In "Priscilla," the men drinking beer in the outback react with immediate and sadistic hostility when they find out that Felicia is a drag queen. Their stationary space seems to render them unable to accept anything outside of their narrow view of gender roles and what folks with certain sets of sexual organs can and cannot do. And in "To Wong Foo," a racist, homophobic, rapist cop is so dumbfounded by the idea that he was about to rape a drag queen that he spends the rest of the movie descending into rage-fueled madness and vowing to hunt the trio down and kill them. In both these movies, physical mobility equals an ability to move freely on the gender spectrum.

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