The All American Dad

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In many ways "Little Miss Sunshine" is a commentary on the all-American white middle class family. Select one character in the Hoover family and discuss how this character's experience on the road trip adds to the mosaic critique of the American family in this film. Do not repeat what students have written in prior log entries.

The dad, Richard, in "Little Miss Sunshine" is the all american dad who has gone off the deep end. Although he tries very hard to provide for his family, he always falls short. He makes his "living" promoting his ten step program to success. He makes it clear how much he dislikes losers whenever he gets the chance and usually ends up preaching about his ten step program, especially to his kids. Although he is supportive of his children and encourages Olive to compete in the pageant, when it comes down to her actual performance, he wants to stop her from trying to achieve her goal. This shows how he isn't fully supporting Olive and everything he told her about pursuing her goals was not heartfelt. While on the road, Richard finds out that his book wasn't going to be published. The family was depending on the money he would have made from the deal, and when it falls through his marriage suffers. The "All American Dad" is supportive of his children and would be able to provide for his family; both of which Richard fails to do.

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