The power of a place

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Aitken and Lukenbeal talk about how people's identities can be displaced when they are moving from place to place. This however, didn't seem to me to occur on that large of a scale. I think that because of Priscilla, they had a home away from home. A constant comfort, so even though they were traveling many miles across the Australian Outback away from their lives in Sydney to the unknown in Alice Spring, they always had a bit of home with them. Priscilla, equipped with a full drag wardrobe, bar, and vanity along with great friends, allowed them to keep their identity as they were on the road. One of my favorite scenes shows just this. The scene where the were singing in the desert and the Aborigine found them shows how they were able to keep their identity while not being at home. When invited to the Aborigine camp, they were able to be completely themselves and perform for and audience completely different than what they usually perform for. They were accepted there, even to the point of an Aborigine dressing up and joining them, and didn't have to lose their identities because they were on the move and not where they usually are.

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