"You're the Mom! You're supposed to protect her!"

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In many ways "Little Miss Sunshine" is a commentary on the all-American white middle class family. Select one character in the Hoover family and discuss how this character's experience on the road trip adds to the mosaic critique of the American family in this film.

Sheryl Hoover is first shown to us as the "new" All-American mom, working, then bringing home dinner (note that she never cooks, seldom is in the kitchen!) and tries to be honest (or frank!) with her kids when it comes to discussing Frank's suicide attempt. Later in the movie, she is the one who tries to get Dwayne to come back in the car after finding out he is colorblind. She tries and tries to keep the family together after all their weird encounters, even when her husband suggests stealing his father's corpse, she is resistant at first, and then knows that it is the only possibility to keep the family on track. Finally, when Dwayne says the quote "You're the Mom! You're supposed to protect her!" I was left thinking, well, isn't the dad normally the protector, and the mother the nourisher, the caretaker? But I feel that is a commentary on modern women's roles in a family. We maintain having to be passive to put other's feelings before our own, but in the 00's, we are "allowed" to let the Mama Bear protection come out. This movie can be seen as satirical, but also as a look into what roles are socially normal to see in our culture today.

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