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Academic Awards for Road Movies (GWSS 3307, Fall 2011)
Name: Noora Hussain Due at the beginning of class December 6.

Best Actor (select 2 and rank order):

(1) Patrick Swayze

(2) Terence Stamp

Actress (select 2 and rank order):

(1) Jada Pinkett Smith

(2) Geena Davis

Best Supporting Actor/Actress (select2 and rank order ):

(1) Queen Latifa

(2) John Leguizamo

Best Road Film from GWSS 3007 Series:

Why? __________________________________________________________

Best Trans-Character in Trans-Cinema Road Film: Mitzie/Tick "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"

Why? He is stuck in between having a normal life and being a father to his son and being true to himself and being a drag queen.

Most Complicated Character in a Road Film Narrative: Louise from "Thelma and Loiuse"

Why? There is so much about her past that shaped who she is. Also, she contrasts so starkly against the transparent Thelma. This is a close tie with Stoney from "Set It Off".

Favorite and Most Memorable Vehicle in a Road Film: (select 2 and rank order):
Priscilla from "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"
Philbert's war pony named Protector from "Powwow Highway"

Best Example of the Male Gaze in a Road Film?
"Girl on a Motorcycle"

Worst Road Film screened in GWSS 3307: "My Own Private Idaho"

Why? I felt that I never fully understood this movie. For me, the characters are underdeveloped and the plot was hard to follow.

Your favorite cop in the road movie genre____"To Wong Foo_________
(Name the Movie)
Best Soundtrack in a Road Film: "Easy Rider"
(Check out Youtube soundtracks for these films)

Best feminist film in the GWSS series: "Thelma and Louise"

Why? It has a great plot, the characters are well developed, and it is a perfect portrayal of girl power.

Best Example of "Counter Cinema" in a Road Film Narrative: "To Wong Foo"

Why? At the end of the film, everything doesn't have some sort of normalcy to it. The drag queens continue to be drag queens and instead it is the town that changes.

Your definition of "counter cinema" Movies that go against the grain of what is considered normal.


Best Filmic Study of Gender on the Road: "To Wong Foo"

Why? The drag queens present themselves as women and the town sees them as such.

Best Filmic Study of Race on the Road: "Set It Off"

Why? The lead characters are African American.

Best Filmic Study of Class on the Road: "Set It Off"

Why? The contrast between being African American and being in the upper class than in the lower class is evident in the characters of Stoney and Keith.

Best Filmic Study of Queer Bodies on the Road: "My Own Private Idaho"

Why? This is the only movie that had lead characters that were queer.

Best Definition of a Road Film from the Readings (excerpt from the readings, give page number and author):
"Ideogram of human desire and last ditch search for self where the journey's the thing. (14)" Laderman (41)

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