Awards Nominations

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Best Actor (select 2 and rank order):

(1) Gary Farmer

(2) Greg Kinnear

Actress (select 2 and rank order):

(1) Geena Davis

(2) Queen Latifah

Best Supporting Actor/Actress (select2 and rank order ):

(1) Jack Nicholson

(2) Steve Carell

Best Road Film from GWSS 3007 Series: Set it Off

Why? This one actually made me emotional.

Best Trans-Character in Trans-Cinema Road Film: To Wong Foo

Why? The message is really strong.

Most Complicated Character in a Road Film Narrative: Mike from My Own Private Idaho

Why? His life is really complicated because of his lifestyle and his disorder.

Favorite and Most Memorable Vehicle in a Road Film: (select 2 and rank order):
1. The Van from Little Miss Sunshine
2. Priscilla

Best Example of the Male Gaze in a Road Film?
The man in the bar (Hal?) in Thelma and Louise

Worst Road Film screened in GWSS 3307: The Girl on a Motorcycle

Why? The acting was horrible!

Your favorite cop in the road movie genre: Set it Off
(Name the Movie)
Best Soundtrack in a Road Film: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Best feminist film in the GWSS series: Thelma and Louise

Why? It shows women taking control.

Best Example of "Counter Cinema" in a Road Film Narrative: To Wong Foo

Why? This movie shows drag queens as they truly are and sets them against a near-mainstream backdrop.

Your definition of "counter cinema": Film that goes against the mainstream

Best Filmic Study of Gender on the Road: Easy Rider

Why? The movie greatly depicted the easier road for the male, heteronormative group.

Best Filmic Study of Race on the Road: Pow Wow Highway

Why? This brought to light a race issue that I had not thought a lot about.

Best Filmic Study of Class on the Road: Set it Off

Why? It shows how these women from lower standing coped with life.

Best Filmic Study of Queer Bodies on the Road: The Adventures of Priscilla

Why? There was a lot of content in the film that showed how queer bodies are affected by normates.

Best Definition of a Road Film from the Readings (excerpt from the readings, give page number and author):
"...films where the road and the journey (most often in an automobile, but sometimes with other means of transport as well) have a central funtion, either in the form of a moral discourse, a tale of personal development, or as a reflection of society itself" (Eyerman and Loefgren 60).

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