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Academic Awards for Road Movies (GWSS 3307, Fall 2011) Name: Michael Gottinger

Best Actor (select 2 and rank order):

(1) John Leguizamo (To Wong Foo...)

(2) River Phoenix (My Own Private Idaho)

Actress (select 2 and rank order):

(1) Queen Latifah (Set It Off)

(2) Geena Davis (Thelma & Louise)

Best Supporting Actor/Actress (select2 and rank order ):

(1) Jack Nicholson (Easy Rider)

(2) james russo (My Own Private Idaho)

Best Road Film from GWSS 3007 Series: Thelma & Louise

Why? Encapsulates many major points and issues discussed in GWSS 3007. Based on the acting & which film fits best for the purpose of this class, it has to be Thelma & Louise.

Best Trans-Character in Trans-Cinema Road Film: John Leguizamo

Why? He killed it in To Wong Foo. Absolutely killed it. Based on acting & complexity/originality of a character, hands down John Leguizamo.

Most Complicated Character in a Road Film Narrative: Terence stamp (Priscilla: Queen of the Desert)

Why? Long, unexplained history of lost love and drag performance; the "wise toad" of gay culture, more complicated because of his performance as a trans character.

Favorite and Most Memorable Vehicle in a Road Film: (select 2 and rank order):


The Motorcycle in THE GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE (2)

Best Example of the Male Gaze in a Road Film?


Worst Road Film screened in GWSS 3307: Probably VAGABOND

Why? Many of the other films we watched had similar ideas, concepts, or issues that translated from film to film in GWSS, whereas I feel VAGABOND was a bit isolated; I felt unable to connect to the character in the film itself, or make any sort of connection to other characters/plots in other films.

Your favorite cop in the road movie genre:The cop in Thelma and Louise. It was great to see the women take control of the authoritative male figure and leave as victors against the system.

Best Soundtrack in a Road Film:

Best feminist film in the GWSS series: Thelma & Louise

Why? Hard choice; it encapsulates many major points and issues discussed in GWSS 3007. Based on the acting & which film fits best for the purpose of this class, it has to be Thelma & Louise. It also leaves with an optimistic attitude and gives instills a sense of empowerment (or not) among the audience members.

Best Example of "Counter Cinema" in a Road Film Narrative:


Your definition of "counter cinema": Films that undermines typical patriarchal, white male, christian, hetero-normative values in place for an alternative ideology.

Best Filmic Study of Gender on the Road: Laura Mulvey, "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema"
Why? Really fascinating ideas of gender and how cinema captures women.

Best Filmic Study of Race on the Road: Beretta E. Smith-Shomade, "'Rock-a-Bye, Baby!': Black Women Disrupting Gangs and Constructing Hip-Hop Gangsta Films"

Why? Insight into an idea of cinema I hadn't pondered much about.

Best Filmic Study of Class on the Road: Jane Gaines "White Privilege and Looking Relations: Race and Gender in Feminist Film Theory"

Why? Interesting take on white supremacy throughout film.

Best Filmic Study of Queer Bodies on the Road: Allen Aitken and Christopher Lukenbeal, "Disassociated Masculinities and Geographies of the Road"

Why? Fascinating idea of disassociation that takes place in queer cinema.

Best Definition of a Road Film from the Readings (excerpt from the readings, give page number and author):
Ron Eyerman and Orvar Löfgren "Romancing the Road: Road Movies and Images of Mobility"
Pg 60
"Where the road the journey (most often in an automobile, but sometimes with other means of transport as well) have a central function, either in the form of a moral discourse, a tale of personal development, or as a reflection of society itself"

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