Centerville man sentenced in road rage incident

A Centerville man was sentenced Friday to more than seven years in prison for running down a woman with his vehicle in a parking lot, according to the Star Tribune.

John Babcock, 21, was sentenced by a Ramsey County judge after pleading guilty to first degree assault. According to the criminal report, Babcock ran down a 23-year-old Oakdale woman at full speed in a parking lot outside Hill-Murray School in Maplewood, causing the woman spinal fractures and a head injury, as reported by the Pioneer Press.

According to Maplewood authorities, after Babcock cut off the woman's car, a lip balm container and a plastic shift cover were thrown from the woman's car at Babcock. This prompted Babcock to ram against the back of the woman's car, reported the Pioneer Press.

When the woman got out of her car at the Hill-Murray School parking lot, she began running, yelling and screaming for help, when Babcock ran her down, according to the Star Tribune.

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