Analysis: Diversity

I talked with Ali, a friend and student at the U of M, about the Daily's story about the Somalian sex-ring scandal. Ali worked closely with on a project with a local organization focusing on out reach to the Somali community. Ali spent a lot of time interviewing members of this Twin Cities group.

Ali and I found some problems with the article. While the article seems to be sensitive to the community, there are some voices left out. The story includes one spokesperson, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center, but other Somali voices are left out. We felt that if the article would include some other Somali voices, rather than just an official, it would add depth to its claims about the group.

Yet, Ali said a lot of what the reporter says in the story falls in line with what she has found out about the community (many in the community traveling over with one parent, many young men becoming involved in crime). She also says it would be hard for a reporter to get a lot of Somali sources. In her experience, the community is extremely cautious with the "mainstream" media.

Still, I would not categorize the article in any way racist. It is missing the voice of everyday people, the people that inhabit the community.

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