Analysis: Obituaries

The New York Times obituary of actress Jill Clayburgh is an example of the death of a notable figure in the community becoming a focused news story with a classic structure.

The Times uses its own archives as a source to chronicle Clayburgh's life and career- drawing on interviews the paper did with Clayburgh herself as well as reviews of the actress' films.

The article begins with the standard Times obituary lead, then into the cause of death, then the claim to fame section, then the chronology of the life, and lastly the survivors.

The Times focuses heavily on Clayburgh's portrayals of modern women, citing her performance in "An Unmarried Women" as an example near the top. The article focuses mostly on her work as an actress, the role she is known in the community for. Yet, the article does not read as a resume listing the actress' work but rather an examination of how she accomplished her craft and what critics and audiences felt about her work.

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