Obama talks Pakistan in India

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Addressing a group of college students in Mumbai Sunday, President Barack Obama fielded tough questions and said India has high stakes in Pakistan's success, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Obama took questions from students at a Jesuit institution, where he gave answers on topics like jihad, Pakistan, and the mid-term elections, according to The New York Times.

Obama was careful in his discussions on jihad, when he mentioned the complexity of the issue, being careful to clairfy that those engaging in terrorism over a holy war are a part of a small group of Muslims, according to The New York Times.

Obama also told his audience that he would look for "mid-course corrections and adjustments" in the wake of the mid-term elections that saw Republicans make major strides, according to The New York Times.

Obama also spoke on India's apprehensive road to cordial relations with Pakistan, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"It may be surprising for some of you to hear this, but the country that has the biggest stake in Pakistan's success is India," Obama said. "If Pakistan is unstable, that's bad for India."

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Very well sourced. Impressive that it provides the news and also background.

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