Shelby prepares to sign off WCCO

Iconic WCCO-TV anchorman Don Shelby, who is just days away from his final news broadcast, said he's worried about life out of the television spotlight, according to the Star Tribune.

"At this point, I can walk into Best Buy headquarters and everyone will say, 'Don Shelby's here!' They walk you right into the CEO's office, and he'll listen to whatever I have to say. A year from now, they're going to ask to see some ID. I'll say, 'I'm Don Shelby, dude,' and they'll say, 'Doesn't ring a bell,'" Shelby said, according to the Star Tribune.

Shelby, 63, has been working at WCCO since 1978, garnering accolades like Emmys and the position of top anchor, according to the Pioneer Press.

Among Shelby's accomplishments are his high-profile story on Romanian orphanages and his 30 year sobriety mark from Alcoholics Annonymous, according to the Pioneer Press. He is known as a mentor, clown, and powerful force in the WCCO newsroom.

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