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A fight about firefighting: dispute in local service agreement

CBS's Georgia affiliate WTOC-TV (12/20, Cannady) reported that Bulloch County and the city of Statesboro is flighting over "who'll fight the fires and who will pay." The city notified the county that it will increase its charge for firefighting provided to county residents, otherwise city taxpayers are "over-paying [for the same service] and it's not a fair system." The county's commissioners voted to "start their own fire department," despite of the blame from the city's for the unilateral decision to cancel the agreement.


Stumbled across this post when trying to see if Google is even giving much credit to Squidoo lenses anymore. Judging by some of these older blog posts, it seems like Google has definitely curtailed rankings for Squidoo compared to a year or so ago (which is most likely a very good thing). Fantastic advice nonetheless, though.

This is such a very good idea. A friend of mine sent me your weblink. It's such a good way to engage readers offline and get physical mail which everyone loves. I may have to do this after my blog is up and running a bit more.

Awesome post, I am def going to subscribe to your blog.

Sorry with html tag hidden in above message.
This following my example articles.xml file:

Many thanks for all your do the job. When using XCode 4.2 to build the Box2dTestBed Target, included with Cocos2d-ios-1.0.1 , and attempting to run in simulator of iOS 4.3, the Box2dTestBed can not launch, as the libc++abi.dylib is missing.

Hi Dennis, I am not sure how that happened, but many thanks for bringing it to my attention, I've edited the link to be an individual website link
Karen recently posted..How To Write a Twitter Bio That Gains You More Followers

I just made three new posts. One with a Nextgen Gallery, one with a Single Image from the WP Media Gallery, and one particular with an Image from URL, all in the specified category. The settings are established to grab from all but still no pictures in the preview.

Am delighted to have made the top ten finalists thanks! Fingers crossed!

Wow, incredibly inspiring list. The green olive web page and Call of Duty sites are my favs.

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Hello!I know for sure that GreenSmoke and Red Dragon are compatible. Both look exactly the same! Even the case is the same except for the branding on it.

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Ideal 1 ever was the person who conned the scammers into paying shipping and import duties for an aged broken clothes washer filled with concrete chunks and with selected laptop or computer print outs questioning the scammers' manhood taped for the washing machine hulk.

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