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Federal gas tax increase or a distance-based charge

Answers to aging infrastructure may include higher federal gas taxes, which is under "an increasingly rancorous debate," the Wall Street Journal (1/16, Conkey) reports. A special panel convened by Congress on Tuesday "recommended more than doubling the tax" over a five-year period to increase available funding for transportation infrastructure fixes.

Under the recommendation, the current tax of 18.4 cents per gallon for unleaded gasoline would be increased annually for five years — by anywhere from 5 cents to 8 cents each year — and then indexed to inflation afterward to help fix the infrastructure, expand public transit and highways as well as broaden railway and rural access.

However, the panel cannot even reach consensus among themselves. Three of the members "
"are adamantly opposed to" the recommended gas-tax increases. They claim that the federal role in funding transportation should be reduced in favor of that of states, which "should rely on toll increases and private investment to supplement the funds" from existing gas taxes. The Journal notes.

Another recommendation by the panel is to study the possibility of replacing the gas tax in the long run (for instance, by 2025) with a system to charge drivers per mile their cars are driven, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (1/15, Hart). Distance-based charges have been advocated by a string of prominent organizations and experts, who say that relying on the gas tax can be increasingly a problem because of the growing popularity of hybrids, improving gas mileage, and efforts to lower dependence on foreign oil [Jerry: Are these really problems?]. One concern about the distance-based charges, though, is about the protection of privacy, because such a system means tracking where people drive [with GPS].


Stumbled across this post although trying to see if Google is even giving much credit to Squidoo lenses anymore. Judging by some of these older blog posts, it seems like Google has definitely curtailed rankings for Squidoo compared to a year or so ago (which is possibly a good thing). Superior advice nonetheless, though.

Automated tools are where it's at. Repumatic and tools like it are the upcoming of ORM because they make it so that anyone can have their own online reputation management campaign and not pay a dime for it.

F*)*ing retard it's mail not male

I like this collection!

It is Safe, Have Fun Jailbreaking

Ah, this totally explains why several of my own associated lenses show up in the Discovery box! (The bit about the tags, I mean.)

i really like using photopolymer plates not the metal backed ones and photo sensitive film. what i planned to ask about: i saw a few web sites that show what they call "Ghetto Kiln(s)" made with a flower pot covered in aluminum, clothing hanger bent like a handle, sitting atop a campfire butane/propane like stove eye, the main goal to burn out wax for any mold. what do you think can be used if i wanted to come up with a mold piece of my precious metal clay do the job either from the photopolymer plate and/or the actual silver or silicone negative mold. also what do you think of using sand casting and/or cuttlefish/tufa stone casting?

Really useful roundup of social medial icons. We have often wanted to discover a place where I can see useful free social icons, so i'm able to search again to it whenever i need a free social icon established and that i bet this place it awesome to glance back.

Hi! I want to finish my Peek A Boo quilt that I have to have started previous year! I need to quilt the border and bind it. I got stuck on what to do with the border a whilst ago. I've been inspired and just need to obtain on with it!

Let me know how you discover the tool
Karen recently posted..Are Your Guest Bloggers Getting The WordPress White Screen Of Death

Hello there, thanks to the information on how to create a facebook email account. I sent the invite request, still awaiting for approval.

We have a wordpress blog with a lot of pictures hosted on third party internet sites. I want many of the pictures to be hosted in my wordpress blogs. I don't want to manually download all footage and replace them in the posts, i need something to do that automatically..

Ha, I like the selection of cartoony ones. It's always fantastic when designers put some time into vectors for their web page. Throw in some rad typography and its golden!

Very insightful weblog. Will read on...

Pawlenty just quit the Romney campaign to become head lobbyist for that Fiscal Services Council.

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs