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Stabilize the Debt: Another Interactive Exercise

Thanks to Demian Moore, our Humphrey Alumni in The Committee for Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), I heard about this online exercise that allow user to "fix" the federal budget deficit. Your challenge: To stabilize the U.S. debt by 60% of GDP by 2018 -- It is a tough task.

Screen shot 2011-02-12 at 4.44.45 PM.png

In addition, CRFB has launched a "Voice of America Video Contest." Tell the budget experts in Washington, DC their ideas on ways to fix America's fiscal house, and you have an opportunity to win $1,000!


The winners and runners-up of the contest presented some good points. I just hope there will be a real solution to this debt problem.

Thanks for the article! I hope the author does not mind if I use it for my course work!...

I are unable to wait around to see who won! Good Luck to everyone who entered!//

Stephen: I'm interested in your Letters in the Mail subscription. I'm a high college English teacher, and that i thought this may possibly be a superior way to acquire my students to write responding into the letters. Nevertheless, I've to be certain that the topics with the letters is going to be appropriate for my students 9, 10, and 11th graders. Will you please comment on what the topics will be in general? Thank you.

Sorry I'm late to the party! I hope it went well. Let me know if you ever decide to do a print model so I can include it in my bibliography (or if you need help with all the layout). no circumstances heard cinemas gave you star wars 3d glasses to wear before..

I could use an extra grand.

I'd personally like to retire where air conditioning is not needed, plus a dog park with benches is nearby.

Hi Richard
Welcome back
No, neither have I.
I just happened to go through something the other day, well, just one or 3 things truly. I didn't realise the impact it could have.
It seems to be like it could be fantastic for creating back links, I even imagined of Squidoo Ezine blog. Will try it sometime amd see what happens.

재밌는 글 잘 읽었습니다. ^^

Wow. I don't think that's going to work out, honestly.

Win $1000.00 to tell the government how to stop spending. Hmm.

If I discover a way to reduce the government debt by 60% I want a check for 1.2 Billion Dollars.

$1000.00 Really?! Not a chance. They can figure it out on their own or pay for someone that can.

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