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Hughes draft - How to become a Tech Integrationist

This was a lot to chew on. In many ways, I am still chewing, grappling with the differences between the different types of knowledge. What I think I took away from this is the importance of moving toward uses of technology that focus on both the effective use of the technology as well as the significant improvement in the content taught. The examples of the spreadsheet and Geometer's Sketchpad improved the students' understanding of the content, whether math or social studies in these cases, while also deepening their understanding of how tools like spreadsheet and Geometer's Sketchpad can help them manipulate data, solve problems, and communicate results. While this is a challenge, to design lessons with TPCK, it is a direction that we clearly must go, for many reasons. These are the deepest kind of learning for our students while also being efficient. We don't have to teach geometry separately from the technology tool.

In working with younger students, I see that they are able to develop their understanding much more quickly when I am able to do this. The difficulty comes from time and ability of our staffs to develop these kinds of lessons. How do we move our staffs towards this kind of understanding? I often feel like we are on this slow continuum, yet we need a revolution to take place in which all staff members instantly transform into this new type of teacher. In my last blog I seemed to contradit this when I said that I often tell teachers that they have the most important tools when they understand the content and how to organize student learning. I believe that, but I am sometimes impatient for teachers to make the leap and learn how to use the tools effectively.