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Jonassen - Mind Tools

I found this very interesting. Partly because I use many of the tools talked about in this article, but also because I have recently read other articles which touch on this same topic. One stated that spreadsheet and database skills are among the most deeply analytical skills we can teach and should be taught much more extensively in school. I agree with that. I am also a huge proponent of the concept mapping software like Inspiration, SparkSpace, CMAP, and others. The projects which I have done with students in which they use software to create their own project, rather than simply walking through my directions step by step, have offered the most opportunity for learning as students are much more vested in opportunities to control their final product.

There is so much in this article, I don't know where to start or stop. Microworlds is a tool that we have been on the fence about. I would like to purchase it because I see it as a powerful tool with many applications. Also, it ties in to the edpa5309 discussion on gaming. Microworlds is a great introduction into designing games.