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Monday's Class - Tech integration examples

This morning we went from station to station checking out lessons that use technology as a tool for learning a variety of concepts. Some of the tools were familiar. I have used Inspiration, Kidspiration, Powerpoint, EZediaMX, and a few others. The lessons were interesting and did a good job of using the technology to deepen the students' understanding of a concept. For example, the Inspiration lesson was a French vocabulary lesson. It used the concept map to connect French vocabulary words with pictures. It also allowed students to connect words. I would like to see it go to the next step which is to turn the graphic organizer into an outline and use it to publish the outline in Word. Then students could write sentences using the French words. I was impressed with some other tools. I was familiar with Geometer's Sketchpad and Arcview but had little experience using them. These are powerful tools that allow students to see data and math concepts in very visual ways while also connecting information visually. In Arcview we compared the largest cities today to the largest cities 50 years ago. It was amazing that the 10 largest cities have changed so dramatically. We very visually observed that the largest populations shifted from Europe and the U.S. to South America and Asia. What a great tool for students to observe data. More later... It is lunch time.