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Reflections - Wednesday's class

Today we used the Jonassen concept of MindTools and Hughes RAT framework to assess the integration level of a lesson. It was interesting conversation. As an elementary school teacher, I do have some Replacement lessons. These tend to be prerequisite skills that deal with lower level skills but that are necessary for us to get to the higher level skills. What I am recongnizing more and more is the need to see how the replacement type lessons have to lead to something Amplifying or Transformational. In many cases this happens. I might start with teaching draw/paint tools to make a picture that connects to a language arts lesson. This is replacement since the students could have drawn the picture on paper. However, they need these basic draw/paint tool skills (and time to practice them) so that as the year goes on we can use those tools when we create non-linear slideshows, or design their own street map, or use more powerful tools that manipulate the images (for example, symmetry tools or rotate or tessellate). This is a conversation that I will continue to have with myself as well as the teachers in my building.