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Taylor - A Nine Step Program for Professional Development

This article gave me some good information. I would have liked more detail about a few aspects of the program, but a few things jumped out at me. We use the ISTE Standards so I think that is a good place to start. I like that the Integration Workshop is long enough to do some real in depth study, not just a half day information slingshot with no time to reflect or create. The posting of materials is great. I have been suggesting this for the last three districts I have worked in: an online sharing space for integration units or projects created. I also like the administration workshop. Administrators need to be vested in this program and knowledgable of the opportunities. It is also important to acknowledge that administrators have unique challenges in creating effective professional development. Perhaps the best part of the program is the sharing and evaluation pieces at the end. To come back together to discuss the successes and failures, missed opportunities and unexpected outcomes, is a key aspect to good reflective growth. Too often we don't allow time for this and teachers' growth stagnates.

What is missing is the ongoing growth that is necessary in this area. If these teachers and administrators take what they have learned back to their staff and pass it on as is so often expected of cadre groups, the ceiling is set too low. Opportunities for growth must continue beyond this. Specific skill sets for teachers of specific subjects must be addressed. New kinds of learning must be addressed. More opportunity for reflection must be provided. This is a good start, but can not be the finish line.