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Three Men Charged with Cutting Qwest Wires

KARE 11 reports that three men have been charged with cutting Qwest telephone wires in St. Paul. It interrupted the service of many Qwest customers.

Ian D. McCombs, 22, Christopher Walker, 26, and Levi Glennie, 21, were all charged with damaging utility equipment and possession of burglary tools. According to the Star Tribune, McCombs had a laptop computer in the van that the three suspects were in and said that it was his work computer.

When the wires cut, it interrupted the service of about 1,000 people in the St. Paul area. No motive has been determined.


I heard Glennie is gay. Can you confirm?

Hi Randolph, thanks for your input!

Unfortunately, a quick search of Google involving the key phrases:"Glennie is gay"Glennie + homosexualyields no results. However I would be happy to continue to look into the matter for you, and report any future occurrences in this pressing matter as events warrant.

Lolol! Lol!